Q: How do I sell my gold?
A: We will pay CASH FOR YOUR GOLD. Simply bring your scrap gold to our shop. We will pay you INSTANT CASH.

Q: Do I need to post my jewellery?
A: No. Simply bring it into our shop. We will take a look at it and make you an
offer there and then.

Q: When do I receive my payment?
A: Instantly. You will receive cash payment straight away. No waiting. No fuss.

Q: What types of gold do you buy?
A: All types of gold.. 9ct, 14ct, 15ct, 18ct, 21ct, 22ct, 24ct. Hallmarked or Unhallmarked.

Q: Do you buy stones set in my jewellery?
A: We do not buy stones unless they are Diamonds of 33pt or above.

Q: Do I need to remove the stones from my jewellery?
A: No. You do not need to remove the stones.

Q: Do you buy gold-plated or silver-plated items?
A: We do not buy plated items.

Q: Does the gold have to be hallmarked?
A: No. We will buy hallmarked and unhallmarked gold.

Q: Do you buy any coloured gold?
A: Yes. We buy white and rose gold at the same rate as yellow gold.

Q: My gold is from abroad and is not hallmarked. Do you buy foreign gold.
A: Yes. We will buy your gold, no matter which country it was bought from.